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We  produce & publish songs, stories, games and videos for student who want to learn  Mandarin as a second language. It's never to early or to late to start.  We believe in child-centered learning through play -- kids learn best  when they are having fun. We create fun CDs, books, games & more to  help kids sing and tell stories. All our products undergo classroom  testing with multiple age levels.


My name is Anne & I love teaching. I  have have over 10 years experience teaching children, teens and adults  anthropology,  history and Chinese language.  My  corporate and government training experience spans over 20 years. I hold degrees in International Relations (BA),  Middle East Studies (MA), and Anthropology (MSc) with a focus on ancient Chinese archaeology. I like adventure archaeology travel - bringing the ancient world to students one Mandarin video at a time.

Travel programs to China

Chinese for Families provides consulting services to schools planning student trips to China. Contact us for more information.

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